SOLD: ($725 USD) 11/2014

name: Toharu Miakake
mold/company: Limited Edition Volks Magical Michael SD10
size: 60CM
age: Unknown. Appears to be around 20.
sex: Male
usual wig color: White
usual eyes: Blue
relationship status and preference: Married to Usagi Nyoko Tsukino.
favorite color: Purple
likes: Family, Friends, Full Metal Alchemist, Playing with his daughter, teasing Koneko.
dislikes: Mean people, lieing, and all things bad.
any other info: Toharu is actually an Angel. Toharu arrived to me from Volks USA on September 1st, 2006. His face done by Volks, and his wig done by Kon'd. Toharu's wings were done by Sour_Dotz on DOA.
Belongs To: Sailor Moon/KittiePink