name: Neko
mold/company: FairyLand Puki Piki w/ Pukisha Set.
size: Tiny
age: 3
sex: Female
usual wig color: Purple
usual eyes: Purple
relationship status and preference: N/A.
favorite color: Purple
likes: Playing with Yarn, Playing toys, climbing things, running, chasing her tail (from time to time) and snuggling!!
dislikes: Being in high places, The dark, being alone and taking baths!!!
any other info: Much like Koneko does from time to time, but is seemingly outgrowing, Kitagawa kits tend to say "Nyo" or "Nya" at the end of things when they are curious, nervous, or excited. Neko was ordered on February 5th, 2008, and came in early March 2008.
Belongs To: Sailor Moon/KittiePink