SOLD IN 2015

name: Kousagi
mold/company: Volks Yo-SD Anne/Yo-Tenshi Hybrid
size: Yo-SD
age: ~8
sex: Female
usual wig color: Brown
usual eyes: Pink
relationship status and preference: Single.
favorite color: White & Pink
likes: Singing
dislikes: The Dark Moon
any other info: Kousagi is an angel. This Yo-SD Anne was sold to me by STINKERBELL on DoA in January of '07. Her body is a yo-tenshi mamu body. Usagi's body was traded with TAPPINDOLL on DOA, for a yo-tenshi one on July 24th, and received July 25th. Kousagi has the default Mamu wings as well as the 01 wings (seen in photo). Kousagi has been "reborn" several times, before I finally decided to make her what she once was all over again. Kousagi's outfit was gotten at ACEN 2011 from a member on DoA. Her wig is the default ANNE wig.
Belongs To: Sailor Moon/KittiePink