name: Queen Angel Gabrielle Leeloo Roele
mold/company: Limited Edition Volks SD Swarrico Sweet Dreams Mimi
size: 63CM
age: Unknown. Appears to be around 20.
sex: Female
usual wig color: Red
usual eyes: Blue
relationship status and preference: In love once more (widowed)
favorite color: Red
likes: family, peace.
dislikes: War and anything involving terrible Sin.
any other info: ***NAPOLEONCHAN'S LUCCA can be seen in the photo, courtesy once more of NapoleonChan.*** Gabby is in fact, an angel and regarded as the Queen to the Angels above. As a serraphim, her wings are quite special, being GOLD and majestic. She is the daughter to the great angel "Gabriel" and "Leeloo". She is well trained in battle and combat, and often is seen carrying an item called "The Angelic Tear". It's quite a mysterious artifact, with unknown power. And can only be wielded by Gabrielle. Gabrielle was once married to the Angel Michael. Unfortunately, Michael's life was lost in combat. Gabrielle holds a VERY dark past, and means to keep it hidden both from herself, and the world around her. Gabrielle was picked up on January 27th, 2007. Gabrielle was purchased from WeLoveDolls (an authorized volks dealer) in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. Gabrielle's face was done by Volks. Gabrielle's wings are to be ordered yet.
Belongs To: Sailor Moon/KittiePink